"Astik is one of the largest Reactive Dyes manufacturers in India. Since its inception in 1980 as mainly a Turquoise blue manufacturer named Mohita Dyechem, today, the company has one of the most comprehensive product suites in the reactive dyestuff industry. Mohita Dyechem merging into Astik was a strategic synergy generation move as part of our expansion and restructuring efforts.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Astik has 2 state of the art manufacturing facilities in Ankleshwar, Gujarat and Tarapur, Maharasthra with a combined capacity of 3600 MT/annum which is slated to go to 4800 MT/annum by 2010 and 7200MT/annum by 2011. This intentional geographical diversification of manufacturing facilities enables better risk management against unforeseen circumstances as well as optimization of local resources.
Astik’s phenomenal rise and its “award” winning product suite is a result of 30 years of dedication and singular focus on reactive dyes. Our R&D, Production, Technical Sales and Marketing Managers in-depth experience has created a wealth of knowledge and our customers experience this in every interaction with the company
Export Markets Strategy
With the early 90’s opening the door for exports, Astik Dyestuff, through its export division, Mivin Overseas, made a splashing entry into the international markets and have since grown from strength to strength. Currently a healthy 25% of the production is exported around the world. Astik’s overseas customers have consistently appreciated the consistency, timeliness, personalization of products and services and the benefits of its ever-evolving product range. The goal is to increase exports 4 fold by 2015.
Export Markets
US, Brazil, Italy, UK, Portugal, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Turkey and South Africa. We are always looking to forge new partnerships and enquires on international dealerships are strongly encouraged.
Domestic Markets
Our widespread and disciplined sales network spanning all the major textile centers in India has made us a force to reckon with in the domestic market.
Environment Protection
Right from its inception, Astik has emphasized great importance to effluent treatment. We have set up a full-fledged effluent treatment plant which is run continuously by our dedicated and trained staff.
Besides, Astik has always aimed at and succeeded in elimination of waste and reduce effluents by optimum utilization of resources and raw material conversion through accurate process control.
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