Astik offers an extensive range of products to satisfy all your reactive dyeing needs. Contact Astik or your closest dealer with your needs and let us work with you to recommend the ideal products, combinations and procedures to achieve your goals and produce best in class results time after time every time!

Our products are consistently used in fabrics for some of the biggest brands in the World including GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, IKEA, and Nike etc.

Meactive® & Mohizol® Brand of Reactive Dyes

Mohizol Vinyl Sulfone Dyes
Mohizol ‘RGB’ : Excellent for trichromatic shades with good levelling & build up.
Meactive ‘F’ Bi-functional Dyes
Meactive HE High Exhaust Dyes
Meactive SEL Modified HE Dyes with excellent levelling & suitable for post- Mercerization
Meactive ‘H’ Hot Brand Dyes for printing
Meactive ‘P’ Printing colours
Meactive DS
Dyes for deep shades & economy
Meactive HF Cost Effective High Fastness Dyes
Vinyl Sulfone Based Dyes
Mohizol Yellow GR : Reactive Yellow 15   Mohizol Navy Blue 2G : Reactive Blue 203
Mohizol Yellow GL : Reactive Yellow 37   Mohizol Blue 2B : Reactive Blue 220
Mohizol Yellow FG : Reactive Yellow 42   Mohizol Navy Blue RGB : Reactive Blue 250
Mohizol Orange 3R : Reactive Orange 16   Mohizol Black B : Reactive Black 5
Mohizol Gold.Yellow RN : Reactive Orange 107
  Mohizol Black RL : Reactive Black 31
Mohizol Red 5B : Reactive Red 35   Mohizol Black GRN 150 : Reactive Black mix
Mohizol Red BBLC : Reactive Red 21   Mohizol Black WNN : Reactive Black mix
Mohizol Blue R : Reactive Blue 19   Mohizol Black WRS : Reactive Black mix
Mohizol Turq.Blue G : Reactive Blue 21   Mohizol Deep Black WGS : Reactive Black mix
Mohizol Blue 3R : Reactive Blue 28      
RGB Dyes
Yellow RGB      
Mohizol Red RGB      
Mohizol Blue RGB      
Mohizol Navy Blue RGB      
Mohizol Carbon RGB      
Bifunctional Dyes
Meactive Yellow F3R
: Reactive Yellow 145A   Meactive Red F6B : Reactive Red 250
Meactive Yellow F4G : Reactive Yellow 186   Meactive Navy Blue F2GL : Reactive Blue 194A
Meactive Orange F2R : Reactive Orange 122   Meactive Blue FBRL : Reactive Blue 221
Meactive Red FBS : Reactive Red 111A   Meactive Blue FBS : Reactive Blue 222A
Meactive Red F2B : Reactive Red 194   Meactive Blue FGBD : Reactive Blue 222
Meactive Red F3B : Reactive Red 195A   Meactive Blue F4R : Reactive Blue 248
Meactive Red FRB : Reactive Red 198A   Meactive Black HFGR : Reactive Black mix
Meactive Red F3GL : Reactive Red 223      
DS Dyes
Yellow DS5R      
Meactive Red DS4B      
Meactive Red DSGD      
Meactive Blue DS3B      
Meactive Yellow Brown DSBR      
High Exhaust (HE) Dyes
Meactive Yellow HE4G
: Reactive Yellow 81   Meactive Red HE7B : Reactive Red 141
Meactive Yellow HE4R : Reactive Yellow 84   Meactive Red HE8B : Reactive Red 152
Meactive Orange HER : Reactive Orange 84   Meactive Blue HERD : Reactive Blue 160
Meactive Red HE3B : Reactive Red 120   Meactive Navy Blue HER : Reactive Blue 171
HF Dyes
Red HFGL      
Meactive Yellow HFGL      
Meactive Blue HFGN      
SEL Dyes
Yellow SEL      
Meactive Crimson SEL
Meactive Navy SEL      
Hot Brand Dyes
Meactive Yellow H4G
Reactive Yellow 18      
Meactive Gold Yellow HR
Reactive Orange 12      
Meactive TURQ Blue MG Reactive Blue 140      
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